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Oldcastle® Professional Products

Oldcastle introduces the new line of Professional High Efficiently Limestone.

Cal-Turf Pro™ and Mag-Turf Pro™ increase:
  • Root Development
  • Vigor and Plant Growth
  • Drought and Stress Tolerance

Cal-Turf Pro™ Mag-Turf Pro™ are more effective than limestone in rasing soil pH. They begin to neutralize soil acidity immediately, resulting in soil pH increases that can be measured in weeks rather than months. Cal-Turf Pro™ and Mag-Turf Pro™ allow lawn applicators to use 75% less product; saving your time, labor, transportation and storage. Cal-Turf Pro™ and Mag-Turf Pro™ are formulated to contain a chelating agent and limestone within every pellet.

Mag-Turf Pro™ and Cal-Turf Pro™ allow for:
  • Faster acting, immediate results
  • Eliminates all limestone and organic acid reaction time delays
  • No segregation of the chelating agent occurs inside the bag
  • A more effective and potent product as no unproductive carriers are required
  • Uniform application and distribution of the chelating agent

Cal-Turf Pro™ Mag-Turf Pro™ are high purity calcium carbonate specially formulated with an organic acid (polyhydroxycarboxylic acid). Organic acids are powerful chelating agents that bind to plant nutrients such as Calcium, Magnesium and Iron to increase solubility and availability. This improves the translocation of nutrients.

The new Encapsulated Pellet Technology™ EPT in both Cal-Turf Pro™ Mag-Turf Pro™ synthesizes a high purity calcium carbonate with an organic acid chelating agent before the pelletizing process. This assures every pellet contains a uniform blend of chelating agent and limestone. Other competing products do not combine limestone and a chelating agent within every pellet but instead add the chelating agent to an unproductive clay filler or carrier. The carrier is then mixed with limestone pellets which leads to segregation and delayed reaction time for the chelating process.

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