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A perfect accent to any landscape project, Oldcastle Decorative Rock products are easy to handle, inhibit weed growth, and look great.

The use of decorative stones and rocks in the garden has dramatically increased in the last few years. Many landscape designers now use pea gravel between stepping stones to create a more appealing look. Larger stones and rocks are being used in the place of a wood mulch product to create a southwestern environment while still providing weed control. Stones and rocks do a great job of holding in moisture, which makes them perfect for using in and around plants or shrubs. they also work really well as mulch in potted plants.

Our decorative stones and rocks are available in a variety of colors including the Red Lava Rock and the White River Rock. they can also be used in conjunction with wood mulches to provide the landscape with a sharp contrast. A good example of this would be to use marble chips next to red mulch or gold mulch.

Product color and size varies by location.
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