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12" Round Stepping Stone White
Make Your Measurements

Measure the area of your project. Length times the width in feet will tell you the total square feet of coverage area.

12" x 12" x 1 =
16" x 16"* Smooth x .56 =
16" x 16"* Patterns x .58 =
18" x 18"* x .46 =
4" x 8"* Pavers x 4.65 =

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove sod and soil from the area to be covered to a depth of 3-4". Use a string line to determine the final height of your project. Patio stones are 17/8" thick and pavers are 23/8" thick. Always slope your project away from the house for proper drainage. Use lumber (2x4's) to outline the area to be covered. Make sure you are square to the house or fixed object by measuring (a) to (b).

  2. Compact the base soil with a tamper or plate compactor. Remember, the secret to any of these projects is to have a solid, level, compacted base. (Plastic is not recommended under stone.)

  3. Lay 1" PVC pipes approximately 4' apart on the compacted base. Fill the area between them with Leveling and Joint Sand. Pull a 2x4 on edge along the top of the PVC pipes until the area is level. Repeat this step until the entire project area is level with 1" of sand. (Don't step on this level sand or disturb it in any way.)

  4. Begin laying patio stones or pavers from a corner or fixed object and work your way out, walking on the stones you have placed.

  5. When you have finished laying the stones, remove lumber edging and replace it with concrete troweled at a 45-degree angle to 1" below the top of the patio stones or pavers.

  6. For pavers, sweep Leveling and Joint Sand over the entire surface to fill the 1/16" gap between the pavers. this will ensure a tight professional fit.
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