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Soil Doctor

Are you losing sleep over your lawn?

Is your garden giving you chronic headaches?

Are you looking for a cure for your drooping azaleas?

You need expert advice from Soil Doctor. The Soil Doctor is well-educated in the most recent lawn and garden cures and can diagnosis even the most peculiar ailments.

About the Doctor

Soil Doctor has received a prestigious education in garden and lawn care and boasts more than 53 years of experience in the field.

You don't have to be nervous about visiting his office because he truly cares about you and wants to listen to your current lawn and garden aches and pains. You can trust him to analyze your current situation, give you a free diagnosis, and write you a prescription for his advanced-line of Soil Doctor and our products to heal your sickness.

Best of all, The Soil Doctor's healthcare plan is very affordable. Even the uninsured green thumbs out there can afford his prescriptions!

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